What is Anxiety Disorder?

We have all stressed out at some point in our lives.

Anxiety is a universal emotion that we all experience from time to time, but how do you know when your anxiety is abnormal?

According to the World Health Organization, anxiety and related disorders affect up to a tenth of the worlds population.

This is a startling statistic when you consider how anxiety can destroy a persons ability to lead a normal life.

So what is anxiety?

Anxiety is a physical and emotional response to a perceived threat. Whether or not the anxiety is proportionate to the actual threat can be subjective.

Anxiety is our bodys natural fight or flight response. This response is genetically imprinted in our biological make-up in order for our species to survive. In times of stress, our bodies send extra energy to the muscles and various organs.

Physically, your body is primed for action.

Stress releases Cortisol, the stress hormone into our bodies. Stress can be a healthy response that could save your life; it can also be a burden that can turn the simplest task into potential disasters.

Take Katie, who suffered a marked decrease in quality of living since her panic attacks started.  “I have stopped doing lots of things because I am so afraid I am going to have a panic attack and embarrass myself”, she says.

For Katie, her life has changed drastically.

Something as simple as a long queue leaves me feeling as if I am having a nervous breakdown. The problem was much worse before she got the help she needed. I literally thought I was having a heart attack. I started feeling faint and having chest pains. And the cause was often something trivial. 

 After concerned onlookers called an ambulance, Katie was taken to the emergency room.

The first step is to identify exactly what kind of anxiety you are suffering from.

There are different categories of  anxiety disorder  as identified by the DSM.

To be medically diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, your anxiety has to have been present for more than a few weeks, and has to interfere with every day life.

For Katie, a diagnosis meant enormous peace of mind.

Once I understood what was going on, what anxiety was, I knew I was not crazy!

Equipping yourself with information about what anxiety is will help you recognize the symptoms in time, before anxiety and stress takes over your life.

In the words of the American Anxiety Association “Anxiety is 100% treatable”.

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