What is Acute Anxiety? – Common Symptoms of Panic Disorder


Acute anxiety, otherwise known as Panic Disorder, is a psychiatric disorder that many people may be victim of, but may not know it. Studies have shown that many people, generally more woman than males, have suffered at least one panic attack in their lifetime. Brief encounters with panic disorder can leave a person feeling moody, depressed, or withdrawn, all of which can be intensified by fear and anxiety.


About 2% of the US population alone has acute anxiety, and the number is growing. Traumatic events, life changing moments, phobias, stress, drugs, and physical ailments are all causes of panic attacks . Many times, people will have an uneasy feeling and an intense need to escape or avoid situations if they feel any anxiety or panic triggers. Common situations include public speaking, a roomful of people you may or may not know, and business meetings.


The symptoms of panic disorder are grouped into physical, emotional, perceptual, and mental symptoms.


1. Common physical symptoms are shortness of breath, light headed, chest and stomach pain, choking caused by a quickness in breath, and a racing pulse.


2. Common emotional symptoms are intense phobias, trigger flashbacks, irrational worrying, and self anxiety .


3. Common perceptual symptoms are slower brain processing, slowing or sped up vision, a feeling of slight adrenaline, and dreaming sensations.


4. Common mental symptoms are a feeling of loosing control, nervousness, and overwhelming thoughts and ‘conversations’ with yourself about the situation.


There are many venues of treatment for panic attacks , the most common being cognitive-behavioral therapy or medication. However, the majority of people who overcome anxiety know that supporting thoughts and feelings that trigger the attacks are the real issues that need to be resolved. Therapy and self-help programs are a good way to change faulty thinking patterns. You can overcome acute anxiety and make a full recovery.
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