What Are the Hidden Panic Attack Symptoms?

When it comes to panic attack symptoms , there are so many that one can care to mention.

The symptoms associated with panic attacks can be very confusing as well, ranging from symptoms that would otherwise appear harmless, up to the symptoms which can make one feel that he/she is being dragged to an early grave.

In a simple sense, a panic attack is an overwhelming surge of fear and anxiety, leading those afflicted to think that they are losing control over everything – are unable to do anything about it, and is going to die.

One effective way to avoid attacks is by preventing it from ever occurring in the first place, which in any case would require you to recognize the symptoms early on so that proper action can immediately be taken – hence the problem.

As mentioned above, there are a lot of symptoms that can be associated with panic attacks, and recognizing all of them will require knowledge, alertness, and a keen eye for minute changes.

To give you the upper hand when it comes to determining “hidden” symptoms, here are some of them:

Unexplained tingling at the fingertips or on your toes:

Take a closer look at this symptom for example. You would most likely think that it is in no way related to panic attacks , because it’s somewhat minute and physical in nature.

For a condition which is prompted by your mind, you would think that the symptoms related to these attacks will most likely also be psychological in nature, and this particular symptom would prove you wrong.

So the next time you feel an unexplained tingling on your fingertips or on your toes, be prepared to take proper precautions.

Dreamlike perceptions:

When everything starts becoming surreal, be wary as an attack would most likely take place.

Under this state, you will feel that you are slowly becoming separated from reality, light-headed, almost as if inside a dream, and perceptions start to become distorted.

Take note, this is almost a surefire sign of an incoming panic attack episode, immediate action is needed to prevent catastrophic events from taking place.

A sense of feeling smothered:

Imagine being in an elevator filled to the brim with other people. This is practically what it feels like in relation to the symptom of smothering due to panic attack.

While there may be nothing hidden with this symptom, most people tend to ignore it, thinking that it will just go away on its own.

Chances are, you will most likely encounter trouble first before it does.

These are just a few of the panic attacks symptoms that can be given, and depending on the research that you have done, these symptoms may already be familiar to you, which is good.

But for those who lack the information, note that these are just a few of the symptoms, and it would be in your best interest to find out more about them.

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