Many Individuals Want To Know, What Is Anxiety?

What is anxiety What is Anxiety ?

You may have asked yourself this same question if you are someone who is afflicted with anxiety.

The reality is, anxiety is something that is not too unusual, or out of the ordinary for most of us.

People who suffer from anxiety feel anxious or fearful when a situation arises that they are unsure how to fix.

Common Symptoms of What is Anxiety

People who suffer from anxiety may not realize that it is not the worst thing that could ever happen to them.

The truth is, if your heart races and your body sweats, you are actually using the “fight or flight” reaction that is genetically implanted into you.

It is when your body prepares for the release of the hormone called adrenaline which helps you contend with stressful situations.

When Does Anxiety Become Problem?

When you feel anxiety for a reason you can not name, then it can become a predicament. When someone has anxiety to the point that it is completely unbearable, then they are suffering from psychological anxiety .

I Think I Have Psychological Anxiety: What are the Symptoms?

Symptoms of psychological anxiety comprise:

    • problems with sleeping
    • feeling uneasy or anxious most of the time
    • you are easily riled
    • lethargy
    • you feel like you can not concentrate
    • you are afraid you are losing your mind
    • you feel yourself withdrawing from everything

Complications in life can make an anxiety problem get even worse.

If you already fight with some added mental or emotional problem such as depression, you are more prone to have anxiety as well.

If you know someone who has one or more of these conditions, you need to be conscious that the chances of them harming themselves or others is very high.

Self Anxiety Causes

What causes psychological anxiety disorder?

An individual who struggles with alcohol dependence or depression may show anxiety as a symptom of their other problem.

As a condition however, there are four factors which are believed to play a part in the development of anxiety:

    • Heredity – If you have family members that have suffered from anxiety, your chances of struggling with this condition are much higher.
    • Brain Chemistry – It may be caused by the utilization of substances like ecstasy, LCD or the withdrawal from long-term intake of medicines like tranquilizers – all of which alter the levels of chemicals present in the brain.
    • Personality – Individuals who can not seem to deal with daily stresses, or who do not feel right about themselves overall, have an increased chance of developing anxiety.
    • Life Experiences – There is a marked influence of exposure to violence, abuse and poverty to development of anxiety. Traumatic experiences such as losing a loved one increase your likelihood of having anxiety.

Options for Anxiety Disorders Treatment

So what can be done to successfully treat self anxiety?

If you wish for a long-term answer to your problem, you must first have the problem accurately diagnosed.

Depending on the degree of anxiety and the person, there are many clear-cut ways to treat and control anxiety.

In order to resolve and control psychological anxiety, your doctor may prescribe medicine, or encourage you to seek out psychological assistance in the form of counseling or joining a support group.

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