Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms – The Pros And Cons Of Taking Medications

Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms.


1. Fast Acting – Swallowing a pill will give you quick results in dealing with any  anxiety panic attack symptoms .

2. Its Simple – Taking a pill is quick and easy to do every day. Your doctor writes you a prescription and you are on your way.

3. It works – Anxiety medication has shown to be very effective in controlling panic attacks , at least their frequency anyway. Medication can help you relax and reduce anxiety symptoms.


1. Side effects – Just like most every drug, there will be side effects involved. Side effects for medications used to treat  anxiety panic attack symptoms can range from being very minor to very severe.

There are times when they can cause a person to not be able to continue taking the medication.

2. Tolerance – As with most every drug, long term use will cause it to be less effective in fighting panic attacks .

You may need to increase the dosage or even change to a different form of medication.

3. Drugs will not cure anxiety – This is perhaps the biggest con of all.

Drugs are great in treating the symptom, but they fail to get to what is causing the problem.

They can help reduce the frequency, but they will not eliminate all anxiety panic  attacks symptoms from coming back.

The Verdict

Drugs are good in helping to cope with anxiety panic attack symptoms. They are simple to use and work quickly, but they fail in other important areas.

If you want to eliminate anxiety attacks from your life forever, you’ll need to consider other more natural methods that are available.

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