Anxiety Attack Symptoms: Mild To Major


Anyone who has experienced anxiety attack symptoms will tell you: they can be extremely scary.

For the outsider, the idea of mental issues causing such physical complaints may sound quite ludicrous.

It pays to have an open mind, however, as untreated anxiety definitely puts a person at risk of very real and life threatening problems.

Anxiety begins in the brain.

The trigger might be a situation, event, something witnessed, money worries, health concerns, or an upcoming stressful meeting and any of these might overflow into visual symptoms.

They come about unexpectedly in the middle of driving or shopping.

One symptom is a panicky feeling.

The idea suddenly strikes that something horrible can happen. It might be associated with a trip to the supermarket or just anything, and will often come out of nowhere.

Sometimes young children get this feeling when entering new places filled with strange new routines and unfamiliar faces or at exam time.

Even children can experience the terror of an anxiety attack, made all the worse for seeing that most kids might feel nervous but not panicked.

Another sensation could be a lump in the throat.

It feels like you want to cry, or scream. In fact, it just sits there and nothing happens. Being able to do either would be a release.

Many people hyperventilate.

They start to have trouble breathing and, with that, become even more alarmed than before. What began in a troubled mind has now become a physical problem in part because of worrying about what is happening.

With this may come dizziness, nausea, even fainting.

A room full of people chatting may appear and sound ten times busier and noisier. Proportion gets lost. At times people have experienced heart palpitations and chest pain.

Though it is always best to seek medical attention in these cases, there is every chance symptoms will resolve themselves quickly without there having been a major problem.

People have found themselves on the ground, bewildered, not knowing how they got there.

It helps if, having had one or two attacks, you know this can happen to you.

For those with no warning, that first attack is a terrifying experience.

However, simple measures can help, at least superficially.

One is to carry a physical object that gives comfort and distraction. No matter how silly this may seem, anything that helps is a good thing.

Saying a prayer or repeating comforting words might do the trick. Some people are keen on herbal remedies, while others will need medication.

To get at the root, some counselling can make a difference, or just resolving the difficult issue that started things in the first place if you can.

Understanding how to identify anxiety attack symptoms is one of the first steps to empowering yourself against this condition. Be sure to continue educating yourself to learn how to prevent these attacks altogether.

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